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Our mobile filtration systems allow filtration to take place independently of your machinery, and as there is no need for permanent installation one unit can service multiple machines. Filter oil in barrels before / after use. Transfer oil into sensitive machinery via filters. Maintain fluid in bulk storage tanks (up to 30000 ltr.). And dont limit yourself to hydraulic oil, we can also filter transformer oil, cutting oil, gearbox oil, engine oil etc or, with a change of filter cartridge (to the SDFC-P), we can even filter water-based fluids (water glycols, metalworking fluids, wash fluids), whilst removing any free oil contamination / trampoil.

The ED range represents our most technologically advanced oil filtration equipment. The ED systems all have self-contained pumps (220V or Air motors available) meaning oil can be cleaned independently of the system. Static volumes of oil (barrels, IBCS, shutdown machines, storage tanks etc.) can be filtered.

Standard Features Include :
Sample Points
Stainless Steel Construction
Integrated Filter Housings
Large Bag Filter ( Pre-Filter)
Transfer Facility - Speedy fluid transfer using only the pre-Filter
Integrated drip tray - avoid potential slip hazards
Digital pressure guage
Run dry protection
Intelligent Controls
On Screen Display

Optional Additional Features Include :
Particle counter with integrated moisture sensor - monitor the cleanliness of your oil, know when filtration is complete.
  Connect a PC via USB and use our bundled datalogging software to provide a record of filtration - ideal for service history,
  maintanance records etc.
Pre-Heater When operating in colder environments or filtering high viscosity oils a pre-heater will allow fast filtration.
Dual monitor sensors - provides a notification when your filter cartridges are fully saturated with water.
Using a CARDEV SDFC filter cartridge, water and particle contamination ( causes of 95% of hydraulic breakdowns) are
  removed, leaving your oil "cleaner than new" - ISO code 15/13/9 and>0.005% RH moisture content.

For More info on cleanliness classes see our guide to contamination, "How Clean is clean ?"