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HydroTech Anode Cell

Hydrotech Hydrocell

Hydrocell-T Anode cell

HydroCell-T cells provide the clients with maximum throw power, high efficiency and long life. Standard electrode material is 316L stainless steel seamless pipe. For special requirements, ruthenium coated titanium is used for longer life. There is outer mesh grill to protect the ion exchange membrane. The features are easy handle, power saving and low resistance. Hydrotech developed the ion exchange membrane welding technology. This update makes HydroCell –T performance and construction improved significantly.

    Closed Head Cells :
  •  Closed Head Cells can be installed below the edge of ED tank and usually be used as flushable top/bottom.
  •  cells to bring the paint film on floor pans and rocker panels to the desired thickness.

Open Head Cells :
Open Head Cells are most regular type for E-coat process. The anolyte circulation water overflows from each cell. It gives low pressure inside cells to prevent from the damage or leakages due to water circulation pressure. The special top head design provide with clean looking and easy installation.

Hydrocell Hydrotech-T Anode cell :
Type: Hydrocell T-15 Hydrocell T-20
Diameter of Anode 1.5” (48 mm (OD)) 2” (60 mm (OD))
Diameter of Cell (OD) 3.94” (100 mm 4.17” (106 mm)
Effective Area 0.49 ft2/ ft (0.15 m2/m) 0.63 ft2/ ft (0.19 m2/m)
Anolyte Circulation required per unit length 0.1 gpm/ft (1.22 lpm/m) 0.12 gpm/ft (1.52 lpm/m)
Current per unit length 2.4 Amp/ft (8 Amp/m) 3 Amp/ft (9.5 Amp/m)
Distance between cells` Min : 200 mm ; Max: 500 mm Min : 200 mm ; Max: 500 mm
Hydrotech Hydrocell T Anode cell PDF

Hydrotech Hydrocell

HydroCell- C Anode Cells
  •  HydroCell-C Cells provide the clients with a larger effective area, reliable performances, easy replacement.
  •  The membrane can be replaced separately without any change on the whole anode cell. The standard electrode material is 316L stainless steel. There is an outer mesh grill to protect the membrane.
  •  HydroCell-C Cells are ideal for all types of E-coating paint tanks. These Anode cells are lightweight, easy to maintain, economical, and provide greater efficiency.

  • C15 Anode Cells
    HydroCell-C15 is an updated model of anode cell from Hydrotech. The improvements made are cells lighter in weight and less thickness. It saves the installation spaces in the E-coat pain tank as well. The effective area of the C15 cell is taken as the front 110 degrees.

    C13 Anode Cells
    HydroCell-C13 Cells are the most popular anode cells for E-coat paint tanks. The electrode is one piece semi-circle with the bus bar welded across the top of the half-round anode for ease in lifting and connecting to the power cable. The effective area of the C13 cell is taken as the front effective 180 degrees.

    Hydrocell Hydrotech-C Anode cell :
    Type: Hydrocell T-13 Hydrocell T-15
    Width of the cell 13” (325 mm) 20” (510 mm)
    Thickness of the cell 7.25” (184 mm) 6.70” (170 mm)
    Effective Area 1.3 ft2/ ft ( 0.4 m2/m) 1.5 ft2/ ft ( 0.46 m2/m)
    Membrane Area 1.3 ft2/ ft ( 0.4 m2/m) 1.5 ft2/ ft ( 0.46 m2/m)
    Anolyte Circulation required / 0.25 GPM/ft (3.1 LPM/m) 0.3 GPM/ft (3.6 LPM/m)
    Current Per Unit Length 6.1 Amp/ ft ( 20 Amp/m) 7 Amp/ ft ( 23 Amp/m)
    Center to Center distance 22.05” (560 mm) 24.40” (620 mm)
    Hydrotech Hydrocell-C Anode cell PDF